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In late 2015, while talking to a friend about his start-up, one of the things he wished he could do better was keep in touch with his existing and new customers in a more “organised” manner. He was aware of how important constant contact was, but his biggest challenges were:

  1. His users were “spread” across channels; meaning bulk SMS was not enough, neither would email newsletters alone do. He knew he has to use both email and SMS, but did not want to have to deal with 2 platforms because his head and time would not allow. This brings me to the second challenge…
  2. Time. He had 2 staffs who were already fully engaged and he knew it was up to him to develop, refine and send his communication. He understood that this had to be consistent, but would be able to spare just about 2/3 hours on Sundays for this.

As the recession kicked in, it became obvious that more and more businesses were going to be vying for fewer and fewer viable customers. Every business person we came across was looking for that “1 thing” they would do to grow customer/member loyalty.

We didn’t know what the “1 thing” was, but the one thing we did know was that a customer, member, parent, staff etc. who feels appreciated, thought about and who doesn’t feel neglected, will certainly work (unconsciously) to grow the organisation’s bottom-line.

Fast forward a few months after our initial interaction; and several more like it with marketing and sales teams, outreach groups, evangelism units, business proprietors, email marketers and more, we were knee deep into building In.Touch. Like we giddily tell small and medium sized business owners, “In.Touch” is what the big banks use to stay big.

Although we use In.Touch extensively – c’mon why wouldn’t we, it is built for you. To ensure you can now focus on building relationships and effective online, phone and SMS marketing. You should sign up right away. It’s free!

We look forward to your feedback. Hit us up via info@intouchng.com or call 012016666.

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