What is In.Touch?

In.Touch is a Communication Automation Solution for Businesses and Organisations that features Email and SMS Messaging, Voice Calls, Company-wide Contact Management & more, allowing you focus on growing relationships and marketing.

All-in-One SMS+Email

Fact 1: 100percent of Nigerians have an SMS-capable mobile phone.

Fact 2: Every Nigerian Online has an Email address.

Mobile & Tablet Support

In.Touch is a mobile first platform, which makes it possible to access the platform on the go!

Customized Messages

Bulk SMS and Email blast suck! Receipients can identify them from the first line. Be dynamic with your communication.

Enterprise Features

In.Touch offers contact and user groups, transaction logs and reporting, Powerful Data Management, REST API and more

What In.Touch is Not

It's not Bulk SMS

In.Touch IS MORE than boring Bulk SMS. It is that efficient front-desk staff you always wanted, to handle your communication with customers or members effectively.

It's not going to Cost You

….an arm and a leg. What In.Touch offers is what the banks and big brands use to stay big. We believe every business should have access to these tools, affordably.

It's not the only Solution you have

…but it will be the only one you will use. Simplify your Email and SMS communication today. Let In.Touch make your customers, team and bottom-line happy.

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Learn how industries are taking advantage of the In.Touch Business Communication Solution

  • Aviation Sector firms use it to manage partner communication via SMS & Email
  • Higher Insuitutions are sharing vital information to students and staff via SMS & Email.
  • Hospitals use it to remind patients of visits via SMS, while HMOs send periodic healthy living tips via Email on the platform
religious organisations
Religious Organisations

Religious Organisations are using In.Touch to,

  • Grow membership
  • Keep in constant contact with new converts
  • Motivate & Inform members daily
  • Coordinate Visitations
  • Promote Events

Through feedback, we understand that sending both Emails and SMS (vs sending only SMS), has been more effective.


Institutions within the government are finding innovative uses for the In.Touch SMS & Email platform

  • To  send free notifications to subsribed residents on emergency such as major road closures and protective actions recommended by state, local governments and universities.
  • mGovernment initiatives in transportation, health, lottery etc.

Agencies such as those in marketing, advertising etc. take advantage of In.Touch to reach out to more clients simltaneously. In.Touch is a versatile tool for

  • Online + Offline Marketing
  • Market & Product Research
  • Promos, offers and launches
  • Market & Portfolio updates
  • …and lots more